, 192.168.0.l, 192.168.o.1, 192.168.o.l and 192.168.o.i

192.168.0.l, 192.168.o.1, 192.168.o.l and 192.168.o.i IPs are not correct. Use only numbers while entering the IP address or click on the link below for router login

Use the login link to open the router setup page. IP is the most commonly used as a default IP address in the home routers. While configuring the home routers, we have to use this IP address to log into the router and enter the setup page. IP is the private range so our router uses this range to assign IP addresses to the end devices. IP address belongs to the subnet which is the default subnet mask of

While assigning this IP address to any device, we can use this default subnet mask which gives us 254 usable IPs in our subnet.

While configuring the DHCP server on our home router, we can configure the range from the subnet according to our requirements.

If we want to allow only 10 devices to connect simultaneously to the router then we can configure the first IP address as and the last IP as

We cannot use IP as this has been used by the router already.

If you are configuring the router first time, use the username and password given in the manuals.

If you have already configured the router and don’t remember the password then you can reset the router to default settings by pressing the reset button on the router for around 10 seconds.

If manuals are not available then we can go to the vendor’s site or search the same router online and try the password given online.

Troubleshoot the login issues with IP

The router setup page will only work if you are already connected to the wifi, connect to the wifi, and enter the IP in your browser.

Check if you are connected to the appropriate router, In some cases there are many networks available and we are not connected to the router that we want to configure.

If we want to assign to the router, we can configure this IP in the LAN configuration page on our home router.

In our internal test network or internal production network, we can assign IP to the PCs, printers, servers, etc.

The first IP in the subnet is usually assigned statically to the servers or routers as we don’t want to change the IPs of such devices so is mostly assigned statically.

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