or 192.168.l.2 or 192.168.l.2 details and router login

Many router vendors use this as the default IP address for their routers so we can use this IP to login into the router.

To log in, click on login and enter the username and password.

The following animation demonstrates how a successful login should work and router page should load after the authentication. is a default class c IP address that can be assigned to the devices. By default this IP has the subnet mask and the usage IP range from to

We cannot use two IPs as they are reserved for subnet ID and broadcast address. For every network, we just need the network ID that is used to identify the network while broadcast IP is required so that devices can send all the broadcast traffic on this IP.

This is the second usage IP address from the available range that is sometimes configured on the routers.

Router not responding to

  • Make sure that you have not mistyped the IP address.
  • Check if your router is working properly or if it’s having any issues. Restart your router and then again open the router page using
  • Try to ping the router if it’s responding, if the router is responding then most probably the issue is with the hardware or we are not entering the URL properly in the browser.

How to assign IP to the PC

To assign the IP address to our home PC, we have to double-click on the network card and then use the IPv4 option to assign the IP address.

After entering the IP address, we will click on the tab key, and you will see that the default subnet mask will automatically be entered however we can modify that but that is for advanced users so we can keep that to the default only.

We can also change the default IP assigned to the router. For that, we have to enter the LAN setup and give the new IP to the router, restart the router, and check login with the newly assigned IP to the router.

After changing the IP, make sure that DHCP IP ranges are from the same subnet otherwise internet will not work.

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