Ping command and use this with –t 

To ping from your PC you can download the following file and run it on your computer.


To ping –t, download the following file.


Both commands can be used from your cmd on your computer. is the public DNS server by Google. This server can be used by anyone to resolve the DNS queries. Our ISP provides the DNS server however we can use the DNS server if our ISP server is not working properly.

To check the current DNS server that is being used by you, you can go to the command prompt on your computer and type ipconfig /all

To change the DNS server, we have to configure the DNS server on the network card so if we are using the Ethernet card then we have to configure DNS on the Ethernet card however if we are using wifi then we have to change DNS on the wifi card properties.

We have the option to configure DNS on both Ipv4 and Ipv6 so we can check which IP address is used by the computer.

To change the DNS, we have to click on Ipv4 or Ipv6 and then enter the primary and secondary DNS servers. A secondary DNS server will only be used when the primary fails.

We can see now that our wireless network card has been configured with the public DNS server so now for each DNS query, it will reach out to this server.

To go back to the previous DNS server which is given by our ISP, we can select the obtain DNS server address automatically option.

On Windows 11, we can change the DNS server from the below option as well.


Go to network and internet > Click on wifi > Click on hardware property and then click on edit option as shown in the below image.

Before configuring DNS on our computer, we must ping –t command to check if the response of the server is fine and if we are receiving proper replies from the server. If the server is not responding properly, it means that the server is either blocking your ping request or your ISP is not allowing the ping request.

Sometimes, security applications like antivirus, firewalls, etc can also block your ping request so if you are not able to ping then check your security settings.

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