Parental alienation against mother is abuse so we will discuss alienation against the mother and its effects on both mother and children

Parental alienation against the mother occurs when the father takes custody of the children as a result of the decision given by the court or when the mother leaves the children with their father and lives separately.

After having custody of the children, a father can intentionally create a difference between mother and children by following ways.

  • Projecting a bad image of a mother in the mind of children to demean her character.
  • Not informing the mother about the events or school functions so the mother cannot take part in the functions.
  • Not allowing the mother to visit home to see her children.

There is a natural bond between mother and children so when the mother is alienated from children then it has very bad effects on both mother and children.


Children and mothers can experience stress because there is a natural bond between mother and children so when they are not in touch with each other then it creates a stressful situation because both want to see each other but they cannot get in touch due to alienation.

Trust and relations

Children have an extremely close relationship with their mothers and when they are in the mindset that their mother is not a good human being then it can affect the mindset of children and they might not have much affection for different types of relatives or they may not trust the relations as compare to others. It can further develop into trust issues as children might not trust people easily.


Being not in touch with each other, children and mother can feel depressed as they are missing very important company and when they see other families living together and enjoying every event then it can create a feeling of depression for them.

Impacted Upbringing

It’s considered best for the children when both father and mother live together and they are properly involved in the upbringing of the children. Disruption of this can affect the proper upbringing of the children. Many times, there are certain things that children want to discuss with the father only and certain things with the mother only so if the mother is not there for the children then they cannot discuss things that they don’t want to tell their father.

Moreover, if both parents are together then children can enjoy the company of one parent when the other is not around.

Parental alienation against the mother should not be practiced by anyone as it affects the children negatively and can create a stressful situation so this is considered abuse.