Combat and reverse parental alienation of teenager

combat and reverse alienation

Is reversing parental alienation possible? And what steps can be taken to reverse parental alienation?

Any type of parental alienation is abuse so we must take appropriate measures to counter parental alienation so that it can be reversed.

Reversing parental alienation is possible however the impact of parental alienation depends upon the mindset of children and the severity of the abuse.

Because of alienation, if children have started hating their parents then children can take time to understand that they are the victim of alienation and feelings they have about their parents is not true.

If parent alienation is going on due to the long distance when one parent can intentionally move to a distant place where the victim parent cannot easily stay in contact with the child then this type of alienation is easy to reverse as children do not have a harsh feeling for their parent.

If children are mature enough to understand the situation then it’s sometimes easy to reverse parental alienation.

Steps to reverse the parental alienation

Talk to the divorce lawyer and discuss the matter in detail so a lawyer can file a case against the abuser by which the abuser must not try to alienate further and he/she should tell the truth to the children.

Discuss the issue with the psychologist to reserve the impact of alienation from the children. The psychologist can give counseling to both parents and children to establish a strong bond again between them.

Try to communicate with your partner and politely ask him/her to stop alienating children as this impact the health of the children. Even if there is a bad relationship between parents, still parents should agree to stop what they are doing as it also impacts the children. Sometimes a parent does not intend to harm children but to take revenge on the partner, and they use parental alienation as a tool for the revenge.

Try to see the children in the family events or school events and discuss with them about the situation so you should inform them that you love them and the other parent is the one who is creating differences between them.

Talk to the family members or close friends of the parent who is alienating the children and inform them what is happening and ask them to interface to improve the situation. Sometimes your partner will not listen to you due to a bad relationship but will listen to close friends and family members.