Are there possibilities of finding friendly aliens which can help humanity?

The human search for alien life continues and it’s always been a topic of human curiosity, however, what are the possibilities of finding alien life on other planets?

As we already know that human are fighting among themselves for ages and fights are still going on. Even being an intelligent species, we are not able to clear our differences so how can we expect some other intelligent life to be friendly towards us?

It is hard to tell at the moment how aliens would react or treat us but surprisingly aliens could be friendlier than our kind.

Aliens can be friendly due to the following reasons.

Resources availability

Humans fight mostly due to resources but aliens don’t need any resources as they have plenty of resources all over the universe so they will not harm us but may help us with the resources.

No threat

Threat from each other is one of the main reasons for fighting among different species on earth including humans so If aliens are sure that humans are not a threat to them or they know that humans can’t harm them then aliens would not consider humans as a threat so we can see their softer side towards us however even single mistake or inappropriate action from our side can change this.

Kind nature

We know that humans are not so kind to other species and they are not even kind to themselves. This is how life works on earth but it is possible that aliens could be of kind nature and they don’t see the universe the way we see it. Only a few humans think about the bigger picture however the majority of people are busy with their life which is why humans are not so kind.

Aliens on the other hand can be kinder than us. It can be possible that aliens do not fight as they know it is of no use. They may have broader thinking and their concerns are not limited to their own life.

Emotionally strong

Human bad behavior is also caused by emotions. If someone is emotionally a kind person or if our life experiences made us a good person and if someone believes in moral values then it will bring best of us however In our society, corruption, greed, and selfishness can bring the worst out of us and that contributes to conflicts among us, however, Aliens might not having this issue as they are more emotionally developed than humans so they will be friendly species and as they are different life form so emotions do not exist for them.

Mental illness

Humans are prone to illness and in today’s time, more people are ill mentally than physically. This health issue is affecting our decision-making. Any abnormal behavior by humans can be given a mental illness definition. This health issue is also the cause of rifts among us however aliens can be so developed that they have a permanent cure for this so their thinking process is different than ours. Due to their fit brain, their thought process is better and clear which makes them calm and friendly species.