26 Deep parental alienation quotes

parental alienation

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  1. Parental alienation is abuse and it should not be practiced by anyone.
  2. Alienating a child from parents affects the mental health of the kids and parents.
  3. Parental alienation is a social evil that should be removed from our society.
  4. Using alienation as a tool in a bad relationship shows the unacceptable social behavior of the person.
  5. Only Self-centered person will use parental alienation as a tool.
  6. It is a common issue all over the world.
  7. Children are the ones who suffer more than their parents as they are not mature enough to understand the situation.
  8. Don’t alienate the child from the parent if you love your child.
  9. Keep your personal affairs away from the children is a good way to prevent parental alienation.
  10. Alienating a child from a parent can affect the nature and behavior of the child.
  11. Say no to parent alienation if you want to build a healthy society.
  12. Parents play a very important role in the life of the children so it’s the children’s right to enjoy the company of their parents.
  13. Parental alienation can be unintentional but it’s still an issue.
  14. Quality of life is the best gift that we can give to our children and that is possible when children spend time with their parents.
  15. Our children need us the same way how we needed our parents.
  16. Parental alienation can affect the future of the children so it is the parent’s responsibility to shape the future of their children.
  17. Don’t just imagine that children are happy even if they look happy; we never know what they are going through when there is an issue in the family like alienation.
  18. Parental alienation is not a gain for anyone but a loss for children and both parents.
  19. You are not helping your child when you are practicing this social abuse.
  20. Before thinking about yourself, the first thing about your children’s well-being.
  21. Family relations are very important for everyone so good relationship is the key to a healthy and happy body.
  22. No one has the right to alienate anyone from anybody.
  23. Parental alienation is not a personal matter so anybody practicing this should be stopped.
  24. This is an immorality that affects a huge number of people in the world.
  25. People suffering from alienation should seek help.
  26. If you are facing alienation then discuss the matter with your friends and family to sort out the issues.

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