What do aliens eat? Do aliens eat humans, plant-based food, or any other type of food?

what alien eat

It is not easy to answer this question as we do not have any information about the alien’s life form or what it would look like. We have to understand that human life form is developed according to the environment on earth. Earth is not developed according to humans but it’s the other way around, we are developed according to the environment present on Earth planet.

Of course, certain conditions support human life but it does not mean that everything just happened exactly what was required to nourish humans. Our development happened in such a way that we adjusted ourselves according to the earth e.g. Our body adjusted according to the gravitational force present on the earth so we are able to live under the exact gravitational force of us but if we go to some other place or planet where the gravitational force is different, then our body does not cope with that.

It may not be harmful for short time but in a longer period, our body does not go along well and affects the body in a bad way. People who live in the space station for some months have to prepare their bodies to live in space and they face many complications with their health due to changes in gravity in space.

Another good example is our dependency on plants and trees. Our body has adapted according to the available plants and trees. We are dependent heavily on them because our evolution took place with plants and trees so we are using plants for many medical purposes and food. Plants are a source of food for us and we cannot live without them so in the same way plants and animals are interdependent.

Once we will have clue about the alien’s planet and what type of environment they live in then we can have a fair idea about what they would be eating and what are their dependencies.

The following statements appear to be true if we study our dependencies.

  • Aliens might not be eating anything as eating is a human process, they may not require eating as they can take the energy in any other way.
  • If aliens don’t eat anything then they don’t need mouths so aliens can be without mouth.
  • If aliens do eat then they can be totally different from humans or other species on earth.

Do aliens eat humans?

If aliens eat to survive and live then it is possible that they may be eating meat or plant-based food however it is unlikely that they will eat humans because if they have the technology to travel in space then they will probably find better food sources or meat for them instead of humans.

At the moment we have not come in contact with aliens so they are still in space and must be having plenty of available food to them that they eat to survive.