Is there any way to know who created aliens? Did god create aliens? Let’s discuss the creation of alien species

who created alien

If we are sure that alien life exists then who created them? What do the aliens look like?

To answer this question, first of all, we have to answer the question that who created humans.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, all species on earth evolved from one another and it took thousands of years to evolve. it is an ongoing process so in some way, all the species are still evolving but the evolution is such a slow process that we will not be able to figure out what’s changing. However, if we see primitive humans then we can see that there is a significant difference between them and humans in many ways.

The theory of evolution seems correct as we can see that species of the earth have lots of similarities and the only difference in them is the structure and brain capabilities but this is the ecosystem of earth. However, what about the aliens those are not from earth?

To answer this question, we must have deep knowledge of space and what types of elements and energy exist in space. Although,

We know that the elements that can be found on earth are in abundance in space. When the star dies with a supernova explosion after completing its lifespan then lots of elements are created by the immense heat and energy. Today, scientists claim that elements available on earth can only be created by the supernova blast so it’s not wrong to say that we are part of stardust. We are created with the same material that is available on earth or many other planets so there is a high possibility that an alien’s life form can be the same as humans or there are chances of having lots of similarities between earth species and aliens.

So, can we answer the question that who created aliens?

We can say that aliens are created the same way humans have come to life so aliens are created by nature, we are part of this earth. This is the reason why we call mother earth.

we gained a lot of knowledge about space through technology but the truth is that we know very little about it so figuring out how aliens are created and what type of life form they have is hard to tell.

We can have more knowledge on this when we will be in contact with aliens so any type of discovery about aliens would provide us with great information and if we can make contact with intelligent alien’s life then it will do wonders for our knowledge of aliens. If we will be able to communicate with aliens then a lot of our questions about space and life forms will be answered.

Alien life forms can be completely different from humans, if we consider the life forms on earth, we have one life form which is different than humans, and that is the life form of plants and trees.

We know that trees are living things but they do not have blood and their reproduction system is different than most species on earth so same way we cannot imagine the life forms that can be present in vast space.


To answer this question, we have to see how life is created on earth and how everything like the solar system, stars, black holes, etc are created.

We are the smaller part of this big creation. Same way alien species are also part of the system that is working in the universe. We need energy in some form so we are using the energy present everywhere. In the same way, aliens would also need the energy to live but they may not require oxygen to breathe and they may not look like humans.

Creation is everywhere in the universe, things are continuously being created and coming to an end. Energy transforms from one to another. This same logic applies to humans, stars, aliens, and for the things that we are not aware of.

Let us come to our second question. Did god create aliens? The answer to this question depends upon what your definition of God is.