PKA file and how to open them?

What is a PKA file or .pka file and how to open PKA files?

PKA file is associated with the Cisco packet tracer software. This file extension is created when packet tracer activity files are saved.

The following image shows the activity wizard that can be used to create the activities that are later saved as .pka files.

We can see the below screenshot showing the option to save the file as .pka.

After the creation, this file can also be password protected, there is an inbuilt option in packet tracer to password protect the file so students will have to enter the password to use the file.

PKA files are special files created in packet tracer that can be used by students for learning purposes. Network activities can be created by the instructor and then later shared with the students to complete the activities.

Different tasks can be created within the activities and there are many options available that can be used to create complex activities.

Instructors can also enable or disable some of the features of packet tracer to test the skills of the students.

Students have the option to check the progress of the activity by clicking on the check results button available on the packet tracer.

They can check if the activity has been completed successfully otherwise they will receive the message that ‘activity is incomplete please try again.

How to open PKA file in Windows 10

Pka file can be opened with packet tracer software. This software is provided by Cisco Systems free of cost. You can download the latest version of Packet Tracer that works with Windows 10. All Older versions of packet tracers might not be compatible with Windows 10.

Students can register on the Cisco Academy website and then download this software for learning purposes. This helps them to learn about networks and Cisco devices.

Pka files download

The following PKA file is the sample file created for packet tracer activity; you can download this file and check how the activity file looks in packet tracer.

The below screenshot shows the activity.


Are PKA files safe?

PKA files are safe files however they are activity files so it’s of no use to the common man, it needs special skills and learning to understand these files and we can only work with these files after having an understanding of the packet tracer.

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