Configure web server in packet tracer to enable internet

How to configure a web server in packet tracer and access the internet in packet tracer

server endpoint

To simulate the internet, we have to configure the server endpoint available in the packet tracer. This server has the capability to provide web service.

internet lab


We have two hosts that will be able to access the internet via an ISP router. Our internal network is connected to the ISP router. The interface of the internal router which is connected to the ISP router has been given public IP address. This is static IP that has been configured on the interface.

ISP router is further connected to the Google web server so after the successful configuration of our network, we should be able to access the

How to configure the web server

webserver files

We have to open services and click on HTTP service. This service is enabled by default and we can see that server is hosting some files already. These files are present by default and when we point the web browser to this server, this server will serve the web page to our browser.


We have configured this server as a Google web server and it is serving a Google web page. To change the content of the webpage, we have to edit the index file present in the web server.

For testing purposes, we can copy the source code of any side that you want the webserver to show and paste it into the index file. After saving the file, the web server will show sites according to the source code.

Now, we can test the web server by opening the browser on the PC and pointing it to the server.

We have to enter the IP address of the web server in the URL and press enter. If everything is configured properly then we should see the browser loading the webpage successfully.

Before opening the browser, we must make sure that the connectivity of the server is fine.

Download the lab and test the Google web server and if you want the server to host any other site then change the index file present on the server.

This lab is the smaller presentation of a big network like the internet. This is the way how the internet works however there are thousands of routers and servers connected forming a huge network.

You can try adding more servers with different sites and accessing those sites on the browser of the PC.

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