How to ping in Cisco packet tracer and solve ping request timed out

Practice lab to learn how to ping in the Cisco packet tracer and solve the ping request timed out error.

ping in packet tracer


Pinging PC to PC on the same network

To ping one PC from another on LAN, we just have to assign them the IP address however IP addresses should be from the same subnet otherwise ping will show a request timed out error.

Download the lab and ping PC1 from PC0, you will see the request timed out error. To fix the error, assign the appropriate IP address to any one PC from the same subnet.

Pinging PC on the other network

PC0 is unable to ping PC2 on the other network and receives an error request timed out. When we ping the device on the other network then the traffic is routed through the router so we should have the default gateway assigned to the PC and the default gateway should be the IP address of the connected interface of the router.

The default gateway should also be configured on the PC2 so that PC2 can successfully send the ping reply back. If the remote PC will not have the gateway assigned then although the PC is receiving the ping request however it will not be able to send a ping reply and as the sender resides on another network and PC2 does not know where to send the traffic for the other network.

Both PCs are missing the default gateway, download the lab and assign the default gateway on both PCs for successful ping communication.

How to ping switch in packet tracer

To ping the switch, we have to assign an IP address to the switch. We cannot assign an IP address to the switch interface so we have to assign an IP address to the virtual interface.

In every switch, a virtual interface is present by default which is VLAN 1 interface so assign an IP address to this interface to ping the switch.

How to ping a router in a packet tracer

The IP address can be assigned to the router interface so to ping the router, we can ping the interfaces present on the router. However, those interfaces should have the IP address assigned.

In this lab, IP addresses and have been assigned to router interfaces. Try pinging those IP addresses from the PC.

Ping blocked by firewall in packet tracer

If the firewall is configured on the PC to block the ping request then a ping request timed out error will be shown so we should check if the firewall has been configured on the remote host that is blocking the ping command.

Firewall packet tracer

The packet tracer allows us to configure a firewall on the PCs. In this lab, you can see that the firewall rule has been defined to block the ping request so the PC0 is not able to ping PC2 and PC0 is receiving the timed out error.

Firewall rule

To solve the issue, either disable the firewall or delete the defined rule.

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