How to connect two routers in a Cisco packet tracer

How to connect two routers in a Cisco packet tracer using different types of connections

While designing a network in the packet tracer, we must know the basics of network devices so that we can configure them easily and as per our requirements.

Connecting two routers is not hard however configuration varies according to the setup and the technology used in the connection.

We can connect two Cisco routers using various types of available connections on the router so both routers should have the same connection available to establish the connection.

The following type of connection can be configured to connect routers.


An Ethernet connection can be established using the Ethernet cable which connects to the RJ45 connector on the routers.

We have to use a crossover cable for the connection between two routers when connecting the routers using an Ethernet port. Using the other cable will not work.

Fast Ethernet

Fast Ethernet connection can be established using the Ethernet cable or fiber optic cable however fiber optic cable uses different types of connectors. We must use a crossover cable in this connection as well.

Gigabit Ethernet

connect two routers

A Gigabit Ethernet connection can be established using both Ethernet and fiber optic cable. Again, a crossover cable must be selected to connect the routers.


The serial connection can also be used to connect two routers in which we have to configure the DTE side of the router while the DCE interface will be configured by the service provider however in packet tracer; we have to configure both sides.

Once we have connected the router with the correct port and cable then we can bring up the connection, we have to configure the IP addresses on the connected interfaces.

To bring up the connection between routers, we have to follow two steps

The IP address assigned to the router should be from the same subnet and after assigning the IP address, we have to bring the interface up using the ‘no shutdown’ command.

By default, interfaces of routers are administratively down.

While configuring the serial connection, we must also enable the clocking on the DCE side as this is required for the serial connection.

If we have connected the routers via serial connection then make sure that both routers are using the same language or protocol as a mismatch of the protocol will not let the line come online.

If we are facing any issue with the connection then we must make sure that the basic configuration is correct.

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