How Cisco router show IP address

How to find out the IP address of the Cisco router and command to use on CLI so Cisco router be able to show the IP address

On the home router provided by Cisco, the company provides a leaflet that contains all the important information about the device like the meaning of different indicators, and reset instructions and it also contains a default IP address and password configured on the router.

On some devices, a sticker is also applied with the IP address and password information but in case we do not have the leaf let and a sticker is missing then to find out the information, we have to first connect to the wireless network provided by the router and then we have to find the information about the wireless interface of the computer.

However, if the router is preconfigured with a username and password then we would not be able to connect the PC with the router so in that case, we cannot proceed further if do not have the default username and password with us however for most devices, you can search the internet with the model number to find out the default username and password and information is available on the internet for most of the devices.

In case, we have configured the password but forgot that then we can reset the router using the reset button available on the router. After the reset, we can again log in with the default username and password.

To find out the information, we can use the command ‘ipconfig /all’ in the command prompt.

This command will show the information about all the interfaces present on the computer.

You can see the output in the image above.

We can find lots of information about our network adapter like the name of the adapter, IP address assigned, subnet mask, Lease time, default gateway, DHCP server, etc.

When we are connected to the wireless network then our computer is assigned the dynamic IP address by the wireless router because our router is preconfigured to provide DHCP service so the IP address of the DHCP server is the IP address of the router.

To find the IP address on the office Cisco router, we can use the CLI of the router.

There are different ways to find the IP address of the Cisco router.

We can use the command ‘show IP interface brief’

show ip address cisco

This command will show brief information about all the available interfaces on the router including IP addresses so to check the assigned IP addresses on all the interfaces at once, we can use this command.

To check the IP address of specific interface, use the command

Router#show interfaces gigabitEthernet 0/0

This command will provide details information about the mentioned interface including the IP address of the interface.

Another command that we can use is ‘show running-config’

This command provides information about the current running configuration on the device so we can check what IP addresses are assigned to interfaces.

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