Router 1841 in Cisco packet tracer

Configure and customize router 1841 in Cisco packet tracer

Router 1841 is the next version of the Cisco 1700 series routers. 1841 is considered more powerful with a lot more features than the previous version of routers. It dramatically increases the performance due to its powerful hardware and its hardware is capable of supporting hardware-based encryption.

This router is the right solution for small to medium size businesses due to its security features like encryption, VPN with added VPN acceleration mode, Intrusion prevention system, and some firewall functions.

Companies can modify the router according to their needs by choosing the right module. 1841 support more than 30 types of interface cards and modules like WAN (WIC), advanced integration module, etc.

In the packet tracer, router 1841 comes with two fast Ethernet ports by default however we can add different types of modules provided in the packet tracer to increase the functionality of this router.

As shown in the above image, we can choose different types of modules available for the router. There are two empty positions available where the modules can be added.

This router also supports Gigabit Ethernet and a module is also available that provides 1 Gigabit Ethernet port so small offices can use this port for high-speed internet.

Another module that can be useful for companies can be the serial port if the company has a serial connection to another office or they are planning to use the serial connection then the Wan interface module can be installed that provided 2 serial ports for the wan connectivity

In this router, we can add switching functionality by adding the switch port module that provides 4 switch ports so if companies have a small number of devices which are needed to be added to the network then instead of buying a separate switch, they can buy a module which can be installed in the router and this module will give 4 switch ports

Another useful module can be the wireless module which can be added to this router so if any company wants to provide wireless connectivity then they can install the wireless module. And with this module, businesses can connect a large number of devices with the router. Using the wireless module reduces the extra hardware cost.

There are many other types of modules available that can be used with the router and companies can design their network efficiently and can choose the appropriate module to reduce the overall cost of implementing the network.

We can practice in a packet tracer lab with all kinds of available modules and create a network according to the given scenario. It is a good practice to design an efficient network as this skill can be very helpful in designing networks in the real world.

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