Parental alienation against father

How parental alienation against father is abuse and how it affects the father and children?

Parental alienation against father commonly happens when the mother and father are not in a good relationship and mother takes the custody of the children.

Any type of alienation is considered abuse as it affects the mental health of the people involved.

For the better upbringing of the children, it is very necessary to build a good relationship with the spouse because any differences created with the spouse can affect the children negatively.

We should try to sort out the issues just for the sake of children and to provide a better life experience for them.

Children learn from their surroundings and environment so frequent disputes and fights affect the behavior of the children, and if parents cannot live together and finally after divorce, they have decided to go their way then they should not try to alienate children as it affects the children emotionally.

Causes of father alienation

  • Mothers can alienate children against their fathers just to take revenge and she does not like when fathers catch up with children
  • It’s common for children to mix up with one parent more than the other so some mothers don’t like when children are closer to their father so they can try to alienate their father.
  • When fathers try to alienate the mother from children then mothers can try to alienate children from the father and reverse the damage done by the father.
  • Mother can alienate the father under the influence of a family member or relative who is passing on suggestions to the mother and asking her to alienate the father from the children.

How parental alienation against the father can occur

  • Mother can tell lie to their children about their father to destroy the image of the father in the eyes of the children.
  • Not informing the father about events and functions so the father cannot attend the functions.
  • Not letting the father see the children.

How it affects the father and children

  • All children want to enjoy and be with their father but alienation affects the quality of life of both father and children as they cannot spend time together due to the differences created.
  • When children see other fathers playing with their children and the father sees other children playing with their father then it makes both father and children sad as they miss these golden moments.
  • Father and children share a special bond that cannot be replaced by any other relationship so the wrangling in the relationship makes them depressed.
  • It does not matter, how bad the relationship is with the spouse and it should not affect the children’s relationship with both mother and father. Children have a complete right to stay connected and enjoy quality time with both mother and father so father alienation is abuse and it should not happen.

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