What is family alienation and how to deal with it?

Family alienation happens when one of the family members is alienated from the family.

family alienation

Family alienation affects the peace and environment of the family and it is not easy for the families to handle the situation.

The life of the alienated family member affects immensely due to the regular conflicts and debates with other family members. The situation is worsen when an argument involves many family members against one member. This situation gives an impression to the family member that he/she is being targeted and alienated by all members.

Alienated member feels that everybody is against him/her and this can further affect their life and physical health.

An alienated member tries to access the problem and the cause of the issue and many times this stresses out the person and further complicates the matter.

Reasons behind family alienation

Mental illness

Mental illness affects our life and anyone suffering from mental illness cannot take the best decision in life. This also affects the thinking process so when someone behaves differently than it can cause issues within the family and due to regular conflicts; all family members distance themselves from that person.

Behavior problems

A person who has any type of behavior problem can face family alienation. If someone is rude or likes to shout then nobody would like to confront that person and it leads to family alienation.

Not following the rules

In every house, there are certain rules that we have to follow so if anyone is not following the rules then it will create a tense situation which will lead to a dispute in the family. If everybody is following the rules except one member then that member can be alienated from the family

Unwanted suggestions

Everybody wants to live life their way but many times when some family members think that any particular family member is doing something which is going to spoil their life then family members give suggestions and ask that family members to give up certain things and this can be considered as humiliation by that family member so in this situation sometimes that family member can alienate themselves from the family.


How to avoid family alienation

Family alienation affects the whole family. It affects the mental health and peace within the family so it is very important to deal with it with proper measures so that person who is alienated can come close to the family and all family can enjoy the time together.

If we think that someone is not behaving how it should be then instead of alienating the family member, we should deal with patience and understanding because bad behavior might be due to the underlying mental illness so understanding the cause is very important.

If you do not get along with your family members then instead of alienating yourself, try to understand their concerns and talk to them to solve the issue.

The best way to solve this problem is to take counseling from a specialist. The specialist will listen to you before providing the best possible solution. Counseling can unite the family again which will improve the relationship bond among the members and the whole family can enjoy a better life together.


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