Sibling alienation or estrangement

What is sibling alienation and how does it affect the relationship between parents and sibling

Sibling alienation is a kind of abuse in which one sibling alienates another sibling from the parents. This type of alienation mostly occurs in the adulthood of the sibling and when their parents are old. It is a very common type of abuse taking place all over the world and it affects the parents and victim’s sibling negatively.

Causes of Sibling Alienation


Sometimes when one sibling is very close to the parents and the other believes that he/she is being ignored then that sibling can try to isolate the other sibling due to jealousy. This usually happens when siblings are not in a good relationship with each other.


Sometimes one sibling may believe that his parents are more inclined toward the other sibling and that the sibling is using the parent for its benefit so due to this misunderstanding one sibling can take steps to alienate the other sibling.

Inheritance benefits

The major cause of the sibling is inheritance because when one sibling wants to have an unfair advantage then the sibling can alienate other sibling from their parents so he/she can receive all the inheritance benefits from the aging parents. One parent can pretend to be very caring while another appears to be not so caring toward the parent.

Effects of Sibling Alienation

Difference between parent and sibling

When a sibling is alienated from the parent then the sibling and parents can have a bad relationship due to the misunderstanding created and it causes a family feud where parents may start hating their child.

Misuse of parents

If parents are not able to understand the plot created by one sibling for another then they will not understand the invention of the plotter and they may get easily cheated by that sibling. Parents can end up giving inherited benefits to one sibling which further affects the relationship with the other sibling who is the victim of hate.

Sibling alienation can occur naturally as well when one sibling is not in touch with the parent and he/she rarely calls or visits the parents. In natural alienation, it is the mutual understanding so this type of alienation does not create big differences or misunderstandings. This type of alienation can easily be reversed as there is no harsh feeling involved in it however other type of alienation is not easy to reverse.

Sibling alienation is abuse and in a healthy society, this type of social abuse should not exist as it negatively affects human life.

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