I hate alcohol

Why do you hate alcohol and alcoholics?

It is normal to hate alcohol and alcoholics. Alcohol was discovered by humans thousands of years back and it became part of societies in different parts of the world.

Today, alcohol is available everywhere and it is part of almost all events like marriage parties, weekend parties, and all sorts of other events. A large part of our society drinks alcohol in some way however many people hate alcohol and avoid alcoholics even if someone asks them to join the party.

Some people might try to have some due to peer pressure or to be part of a group however they just hate alcohol and they regret having it later.

There are several reasons why people hate alcohol

Health concerns

Alcohol even in a small dose is harmful to your body; our body treats alcohol as a poison and tries to flush it out of our body. The liver cleans our blood and removes the alcohol from our blood but the Liver has to do lots of work. A large amount of alcohol regularly can damage your liver in the long term. Alcohol has proved to be harmful to your brain as well. It can also cause heart-related issues like blood pressure.


Alcohol is an addictive substance, people waste huge sum of their money on alcohol, and addiction to alcohol also damage their body so it is one of the reason why people hate alcohol

Social awareness

We learn at school that alcohol is a bad substance and we should not drink it. Our parents also teach us to stay away from alcohol so some people follow these guidelines and avoid it.


Some people hate alcohol due to its aftereffects like driving after drinking increases the risk of accidents. Alcohol affects our brain activities and people get headaches after consuming alcohol.

I hate alcoholics

People may hate alcoholics due to the following reasons

Behavior issues

Some alcoholics have behavior issues because after drinking alcohol they lose control of themselves and often abuse other people and take on a fight with family members or friends.

Wastage of money

Alcoholics spend large amounts of money on alcohol and this habit affects their social life. Their family members are forced to live a low standard of life so especially the family members and relatives hate alcoholics.

Lost respect

Some alcoholics lose their respect in society due to their conditions. Alcoholics many times get unconscious and lie on the ground for several hours until someone helps them. Due to this, family members or friends of alcoholics may feel ashamed.

I hate the taste of alcohol but why

Alcohol is bitter; nobody likes the taste of alcohol or drinks it due to its taste. People drink alcohol because of how they feel after drinking it.

People ignore its taste and drink alcohol. Some people eat other things with alcohol as it helps them to manage the bitterness of alcohol.


If you hate alcohol then take it as a blessing because alcohol is harmful to your body. You should deny the alcohol if someone asks you to have it.

What to do if you hate alcoholics?

Alcoholics need our help not hate. We should try to help them so that they can get out of their drinking habit.

Try to initiate communication with them and help them to seek professional help for giving up the alcohol.

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