I hate football

Do you feel this way? (I hate football) then you are not alone, many people all over the world hate football

Football is the most followed and watched sport in the world, people all over the world watch different football leagues and support different teams however there are few countries where football is not that famous and people don’t like to watch football.

Reasons why people hate football?

Football matches are not always fair

Fake fouls

Many times people make fouls and get away with it while players are punished even when they have not made any mistake.

Referee decision

Sometimes referees make bad decision that impacts the outcome of the match. Referees give penalty kicks a few times without any reason and sometimes they ignore the major mistakes made by the players.

Although technology has helped the players to challenge the decision made by the referee, still there are occasions where things go wrong.

If you hate college football then simply don’t get involved in it or take part in college football however, if you hate football because of the environment within the college then you can try to sort out the differences with a football club or teammates

I hate American football

American football is kind of the same as a rugby game in which you have to tackle the opponent. American football player requirements are different than the ones from regular football players.

For American football, players should be physically strong apart from the technical skills that are necessary for any player.

There are far more chances of serious injuries in American football due to the nature of the game.

Some people love American football while many hate it, it all depends upon the taste of the individual.

I hate fantasy football

Fantasy football can be fun and people can win money while playing fantasy football however this is kind of a gambling where people lose and waste a lot of their money.

There are very few times that players earn a small amount of money however in the long run they keep on losing money.

It is very addictive and there is no such thing as a perfect team, it does not matter how good your selected player and team are. You never know who will perform better in a match; sometimes a weak player gets more points than the famous and reputed players so it is just like gambling.

Team selection skills do not make any difference because points are given based on selected players not based on team performance.

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