I hate my roommate

I hate my roommate; find out what you can do about it

You are not alone who has this feeling, there are many people in the world who have the same feeling however you have to find out the solution to this because we have to spend a lot of time with our roommates and it’s not good to live with a tense situation.

If you hate your roommate then most probably your roommate will also hate you which make the situation even worse.

There are a few reasons given below why some people hate their roommates.

Personality mismatch

Selection of roommates is not in our hands so this is the most common reason behind people’s hate, if there is a personality mismatch then it’s obvious that you will not get along well until you learn how to focus on your work.

Room keeping

Some roommates don’t take care of their belonging and one guy ends up doing all the cleaning and maintenance of the room which is not liked by the other guy and this also makes the situation tense.

Smoking and alcohol

Some roommates smoke regularly and consume alcohol which can bother other roommates so this is also one of the main reasons behind the hate.

Personal space and privacy

Some roommates have the habit of not giving privacy to the other roommate; they try to interface in the personal space of the other roommate.

In the shared room, some roommates also don’t follow the rules and consume a large part of the room with their belongings which is also not liked by the other roommate.


On some occasions, roommates can also have the habit of theft which is again a big issue and it makes other roommates worried about their belongings.

There are many other reasons behind someone hating their roommates so we have to figure out the best way to solve this issue.

How to avoid ending up with a bad roommate

Talk to your roommate

If you are sharing a room with someone, it is better to talk to that guy to understand him/her so you can have an idea if you can stay with your roommate easily and how well you get along with your roommate.

Bad habits of roommate

If your roommate has some of the bad habits shared above then you should talk to your roommate to work on that otherwise it’s better to talk to authorities and change your room.

Sometimes people cannot live with anyone because they like to spend their time alone in the room so if you are that kind of person then it’s better to have a separate no sharing room.

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