Why do people hate college and what to do if you hate going to college

I hate college

College is an important part of everyone’s life, after completing high school. About 60 percent of students get admission to college however remaining student does not proceed further with their studies due to personal reasons.

Following are some of the reasons why students hate college.

High college fees

There are very good colleges available for higher study however due to high college fees, students are unable to pay. In most cases, students take loans which is considered a stress or burden by the student so some students hate colleges for this reason.

Unemployment rate

Even after completing college, sometimes, it is hard to grab a good job due to the high competition in the market. Even after hard work for several years when a student struggles to find a job in the market then it puts a negative impression of colleges on students, they can make a mindset that college study is of no use and it also affects the ability of the student to pay back the loan taken for the studies.

High-stress levels

Studying in college can be challenging as students have to work on assignments within a certain time and also prepare for the exam to clear the subject. Since managing the studies increase the workload and stress levels, some students don’t like the stressed environment.

College education does not help

It is quite common that whatever we study in college is not used in the real world so after completing the studies, everyone has to go through the training programs to get proficient in their job. Due to this reason, some people believe that college is useless and they don’t like it.

No friends

Everybody is different, so some people do not mix up easily with others so some students do not like the environment.

I hate college what do I do?

Share you reason

If you hate college then you can share your reason with us through the contact us form and we will let you know the best solution for your problem.

Know your reason

You should be clear about the reason why you hate it then you can work on your issue.

Change College

If you hate college due to some issue with the college itself then you can try changing your college however we should do this as early as possible so that we have refund our fees back.

I don’t like the location

Location and environment can also be one of the reasons as some people don’t like the location of the college. You can change your college in the beginning or if you are living far away then you can relocate until you complete your studies.

I’m a senior in college and I hate my major

If you are a senior and hate your major then it’s obvious that you have selected the wrong major. It looks like either you selected a major on someone’s suggestion or you realized later on that this subject is not right for you.

It is already too late as you have completed some part of your studies however if you have a better plan then you can drop off but be careful as you may not know if your plan will be successful or not so without proper plan or direction, it is better to complete the remaining education and then try to switch later on.

Completing your study will give you an extra option to pursue your carrier.

It’s my junior year and I hate college I want to transfer

If you are a junior and want to change college then the first step for you is to check with other colleges that offer the same course and confirm with the college that you will receive the credits for the subjects that you have already cleared.

I like learning but Hate College

If you like your college study but still hate your college for other reasons then it’s good to complete the studies and don’t get involved in the things that you don’t like. Just concentrate on your studies.