Where do aliens live

Where do aliens live? Let’s discuss the random places where we can find the aliens

In our solar system

We all know that our solar system has many elements that are present on Earth and we are not able to study all the planets properly so it can be possible that aliens may be present in our solar system only.

On Earth

Many people tell stories of alien abduction and UFOs so this may be possible that aliens might be living among us on Earth however they are hiding themselves from humans.

On distant planets

Aliens surely live very far from Earth, probably thousands of light years away so although they are living in our universe, however, we are not able to find them due to travel limitations.

Another side of a black hole

We all know that black holes have immense gravitational force; they are so strong that they even rip apart the space and time fabric so we might find aliens. If we travel through a black hole, we may find other amazing things as well.

We are the aliens

It’s hilarious but we are aliens to other species living in the universe so we live on our beautiful planet Earth.

In the parallel world

Some scientists believe in a parallel universe or world theory so it might be possible that aliens exist in the parallel universe but they cannot communicate with us.

Beneath the Earth

Earth is a big planet and we have not yet seen what’s beneath the Earth. Although this looks impossible but there may be aliens living under the Earth.

In a sea

Humans have not fully discovered what the huge sea contains and some areas are so deep that they are not reachable yet. Aliens might be living in the sea as they are different species that may not need oxygen to live or they may be absorbing oxygen in water.

In dense jungle

The dense jungle that is away from human intervention is a good place for any species to live. A deep and dense jungle could be a home of aliens.

In the Himalayas

The Himalayas have many mysteries and it’s so high that it’s hard for humans to search around all areas so aliens can safely live there. There are many natural caves that they can use to hide themselves.

In our neighborhood

Have you ever noticed your neighbor acting strangely? Aliens can be living among us or living around us as our neighbors without us knowing about it. They might have the ability to transform their body to any shape and size so no one can find out about their real form.

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